Newborn Baby Boy Girl Halloween Outfit Astronaut Costume,Baby Spacesuit with hat,bat clothes,Birthday Gift,Christmas Outfit


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Bat Costume
0-3 M–Bust 9.8in—Sleeve Length 8.8in—Length 20in
3-6 M–Bust 10.2in—Sleeve Length 9.3in—Length 21.2in
6-12 M–Bust 10.5in—Sleeve Length 9.9in—Length 22.5in
12-18 M–Bust 10.8in—Sleeve Length 10.5in—Length 23.5in

Astronaut Costume
0-3 M–Tops 13.75in—Bust 16.5in—Pants Length 13.4in
3-6 M–Tops 15in—Bust 18.1in—Pants Length 15in
6-12 M–Tops 15.75in—Bust 18.9in—Pants Length 16.1in
12-18 M–Tops16.5in—Bust 19.7in—Pants Length 17.3in

Christmas Outfit
0-3 M—Tops 14.96in—Bust 9.25in—Pants 14.76in
3-6 M—Tops 15.74in—Bust 9.64in—Pants 15.55in
6-12 M—Tops 16.53in—Bust 10.03in—Pants 16.33in
12-18 M—Tops 17.32in—Bust 10.43in—Pants 17.12in

Police Costume Outfit
0-3 M—Tops 20.47in—Bust 8.66in—Sleeve Length 8.66in
3-6 M—Bust 22.04in—Bust 9.44in—Sleeve Length 9.44in
6-12 M—Bust 23.62in—Bust 9.84in—Sleeve Length 9.84in
12-18 M—Bust 22.04in—Bust 10.23in—Sleeve Length 10.23in

Doctor Costume Bodysuit
0-3 M—Tops 20.07in—Bust 10.19in—Sleeve Length 9.88in
3-6 M—Tops 21.26in—Bust 10.59in—Sleeve Length 10.27in
6-12 M—Tops 22.44in—Bust 10.98in—Sleeve Length 10.66in
12-18 M—Tops 23.62in—Bust 11.37in—Sleeve Length 11.06in
18-24 M—Tops 24.8in—Bust 11.77in—Sleeve Length 11.45in

Thanksgiving Outfits Size Chart
12-18 M—Tops 12.99in—Bust 10.23in—Pants 16.92in
18-24 M—Tops 14.17in—Bust 11.02in—Pants 18.11in
2T-3T—Tops 15.35in—Bust 11.81in—Pants 19.68in
3T-4T—Tops 16.53in—Bust 12.59in—Pants 21.26in

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