DAVID SEEDS Roasted And Salted Ranch Pumpkin Seeds, Keto Friendly, 2.25 oz, 12 Pack


About this item

  • Contains twelve 2.25 oz bags of DAVID Ranch Pumpkin Seeds, great for group and solo snacking
  • Stay in the game with these roasted and salted seed snacks, packed with flavor. Salt is a mineral that is used for seasoning, or as a preservative.
  • Packed with crunchy, salty, and delicious goodness, these ranch flavored pumpkin seeds have that dependable great taste you have always loved
  • Grab a pack on the go anytime for a crunchy and salty treat whenever you are hungry and can’t stop to eat
  • Keto Friendly Snack – 17 grams of protein, 2g net carbs (8g total carbs minus 6g dietary fiber), and 0g added sugar per serving

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